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Units 7900 and 7902

2014-July-Membership Meeting


Local 836 - AFSCME, AFL-CIO
Voluntary Separation Agreement

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New York State and Local Retirement System 1-866-805-0990

Orange County Human Resources 845-291-2707

Orange County Risk Management (Insurance) 845-615-3600

The following items listed below are some points to consider. Each members personal and financial situation is different and should be discussed thoroughly with your trusted (financial\legal\insurance) advisors.

-This is not an early retirement incentive.

-As part of the incentive you will not be re-employed by the County of Orange nor SUNY Orange at a later date.

-Will I be able to  pay  the amount or percentage required for health insurance if I  do not draw my retirement pension?

-Can I afford to take the penalty incurred and meet other financial obligations like health insurance, mortgage, etc? (if exiting county employment before becoming fully retirement eligible)

-Can I afford to retire and/or separate from my job?

-Will I be able to maintain the lifestyle I have established?

(845) 294-5892

Call for more information.

(845) 294-5892

Units 7900/7902