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Retro Update

We requested another update from the county on retroactive pay, as this is obviously something of importance to all of us.

The county has told us they expect active employees to receive their retro pay by the beginning of December. The county was doing the calculations first for CSEA Orange County retirees eligible for retro pay. After that, they were doing the calculations for active workers. When calculating the correct numbers for the CSEA workforce, the county has to go back and look at overtime and other factors to ensure you receive the correct amount.

We understand that everyone has been waiting for this money, which is why we have worked to get a timeline for payout.

Contract Vote Results
The proposed contract has been ratified by approximately 70% of our membership.

The results are 785 in favor and 317 opposed.

Next stop for our proposed contract will be the Orange County Legislature.

Stay tuned for a full update and press release in the very near future. 

Thank you for your participation.

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Labor Agreement

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